Country Spa

Our smoke sauna and adjacent “Pihlajapelto croft” are located on the shore of Lake Hautajärvi, 300 metres from the main building. The sauna’s logs are from an old grain drying cabin from the 19th century.

The sauna benches accommodate about twenty people. There are also modern wash-rooms for both men and women.

The Pihlajapelto croft is from an old smoke cabin built in the 1860s, whose dark walls tell the story of its genuine history. The croft’s cottage, with its black walls and roof, offers a milieu with genuine, old peasant spirit for an evening after a sauna or even for a meeting.

The distinctive Aroma Sauna is made from a genuine wine cask and accommodates four people. The Aroma Sauna is part of the Country Spa package and cannot be reserved separately.

There is a warm outdoor bathing pool in the yard, where 10-12 people can enjoy a relaxing soak. Pool caps are available to warm the heads of winter bathers. For ice swimming in the winter, we provide our guests with swimming slippers. In the summer we have a bathing beach and a boat.

Sauna prices are three hours for 590 €, additional hours 50€/person.
The sauna can be used until 2:00 AM.