Party venues

The Estate offers party venues of different styles and sizes. Which of these would be most suitable for you?

The Estate hall

The Estate hall is a stylish, bright, warm-spirited space in the main building. The hall’s style represents Estate romanticism and is an exquisite party venue for up to 60 guests. The main building also has two smaller rooms that can be used as dining areas if there are a larger number of guests.

The hall in the main house has pre-planned seating charts in various configurations. Diplomats’ table for a maximum of 22 people. E-table for a maximum of 34 people. Depending on the size of the party, the buffet table can be located in the hall or the salon of the main house, which is adjacent to the hall.

Other rooms available in the main house are the Host’s Cabinet and a fireside room, which can be set for an additional 14 people.


Wäentalo is located in the Estate’s courtyard by an apple grove. Wäentalo offers a functional, atmospheric party venue for larger groups.

Wäentalo, with its Art Nouveau spirit and country atmosphere from the early 1900s, can accommodate more than 150 guests for dining and dancing. The festive balcony in front of the upper window offers a fine venue for wedding vows or performances.

The buffet table in Wäentalo is located in a spacious salon adjacent to the large hall. The hall also has a dance floor and bar. Equipment includes a CD player and speakers, with two wireless microphones and one wireless headset and a data projector.

Pihlajapelto croft cottage

The Pihlajapelto croft cottage is located 300 metres from the lake shore and takes you to the mid-19th century dwellings. The peasant-spirited, dark cabin is full of country romance and can accommodate up to 30 guests. For example, the croft can give your party a candlelit, early-1800s atmosphere in the midst of a peaceful, natural environment.

Summer celebrations can include dancing on the dock and a smoke-sauna bath. What could be a more relaxing end to a celebration?

The croft has three traditional Finnish, long, picnic-style tables and a buffet table. Food is delivered to the croft and can have themes like country-style game dishes as a main meal of the day.



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